It’s all about Attitude

I woke up this morning to thundering rain on our roof, and a sore quadriceps.  Although I managed to climb out of bed, my motivation to get out and walk – or, really, do much of anything – stayed in bed.

Then I looked up the weather.



As I pottered about starting the day, the rain went from downpour, to drizzle, to downpour, and so on.  I know I’m technically waterproof, but I wasn’t exactly eager. But, based on both my lack of motivation as well as the weather report, I decided to wait til later in the day to go – or not go.

In other news, I have a thigh muscle (quadriceps).  I know this, because it’s making itself quite known to me.  Temptation to stay home and do nothing – or as close to it as possible – was all the greater.

But, there are several easy / flat walks around, which would at least help me get moving whilst not overly straining already sore muscles.  In the end, the downpours thinned out significantly, and I took a chance (and all my wet weather gear!) and went out on Opanuku Cycleway, a shared off-road walking / cycling path, that roughly follows a stream and has pretty views of bush whilst not actually walking through the bush.














Clearly I found lots to interest me.

I had to cut my walk a bit shorter than I wanted, however, because of a reoccuring foot issue.  Occasionally, when walking, my left foot goes numb.  It starts with almost a ‘buzzing’ feeling, similar to pins and needles but without the pain / sensitivity that sometimes accompanies that, then builds until the foot is basically numb and feeling like a heavy brick on the end of my foot.  If I stop for a couple minutes, feeling gradually returns in much the same way it went, but as soon as I start walking again it happens again.  I’ve had it happen, randomly, since I was about 17 years old – indoors (i.e., on treadmills) and outdoors, on pavement and dirt / grass paths, in walking shoes, in running shoes, in hiking boots.  I’ve talked to a doctor, a chiropractor, and a physio about it, and no one’s had any real idea what the issue is or how to fix it – usually I just get told my footwear must be too tight and to loosen it, but I’ve previously had it happen in footwear loose enough I can remove my foot without undoing anything.  Today, after having to stop every few hundred meters to revive my foot, I took my boots and my socks off entirely, and walked back to the car (I was only a few hundred meters away at that point anyway).   I still had the problem, even barefoot.

It’s frustrating to me as it feels like even when I manage to conquer procrastination, and conquer the weather, and get out there and I’m really enjoying myself – something has to come up to mess with me.  On the upside, it only happens sporadically – all the walks I’ve done in the past fortnight and this is the only one that the foot has given me trouble.  On the downside, I’m completely unable to predict when it will happen.  I’ve tried just carrying on with a numb foot, but the numbness then starts creeping up my leg and only getting worse.

Now – post walk, at nearly 10,000 steps (should be there by the time I go to bed) and with a revived foot and a still protesting quadriceps, I’m thinking tomorrow may just have to be a rest day…. even if the weather is nice.  But, we’ll see when it gets here.

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