This Doesn’t Feel Like Progress.

Time has been short lately, in part because my wonderful au pair is on a well-deserved holiday… making it a lot harder to get out and about, and always with a kid or more in tow.

Instead, I bought a running-friendly pushchair, inspired by my friend (and blogger) Sarah to try both walking more with the kid(s) and also seeing if running (a bit – in fits and bursts, as that’s all I can do at the moment) would completely kill me.

Seems that maybe it did, though.

To be honest, I did okay for a bit – I went for a walk/jog two days in the past week, once with baby in pushchair and once on my own after hubby was home, and didn’t have any lasting damage.  Did have the same foot issues as mentioned earlier here, but I’m kind of used to those.

Then on Friday I went for another walk / jog, with the boy in the pushchair, after dropping off the three year old at kindy, along Opanuku Stream walkway and cycleway.  After walking several hundred meters as a ‘warm up’, I tried a jog.  I’d forgotton at first that I was wearing my everyday shoes, and not my trainers (which aren’t running specific, but are ‘general purpose’ sports shoes).  My everyday shoes (for lack of a better term) are actually quite good for walking, so although I prefer wearing my trainers, it’s not enough to stop me.  Although apparently, it is enough to stop me from jogging.  Right away when I attempted jogging I noticed it hurt my knees – both, but one more specifically.  So I stopped.  Although I’m apparently a slow learner, and I started again later on, and had much the same experience.  I still managed to walk 3.5 km, and enjoyed it – though I haven’t really got photos to show off.

Today, though, I am completely feeling it.  Not in muscle soreness, which I figure is part of the process.  (“Good pain!” as my friend Alcina would exclaim.)  My knees, however, have completely gone on strike.  It hurts to walk, it especially hurts to go down (or up, but moreso down) stairs.  They hurt when not weight bearing, but they hurt much more when weight bearing.  I googled it (as you do) and came up with Runner’s Knee.  I’m honestly not much of a runner, but apparently I’ve already adopted one of their complaints.

So, I still can’t run more than a minute or so without feeling like I am completely dying… but I’m already benched with injury.  In typical fat-girl influenced by highly dumb and damaging “fitspiration” posts, I’m also now feeling guilty for both being injured, and for not just “pushing through it”.  (There’s a lot of crap feelings etc behind that though, and I’m not going to fully go into it here).

Needless to say… I’m not walking today.

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